Work Examples

Only published work/projects are used as examples here
Market Reports

·         Developments in Nonwovens for Wipes, ISBN 1-85802-550-8, Published by Pira International, 2006

·         Developments in Nonwovens for Personal Care, ISBN 1-85802-550-9, Published by Pira International, 2006

·         Bio-Active Textiles 2006-2010, Published by Pira International, 2006

·         The Future of Global Markets for Nonwoven Wipes to 2011, Published by Pira International, 2006

·         Nonwoven Absorbency in Food Packaging, Published by Intertech USA-Pira, 2007

·         Advances in Filament Spinning, edited by Dr. Dong Zhang, to be published by Woodhead Publication, 2013

Technical Reviews

·         Meltblown – A Unique and Indispensable Technology in Air and Liquid Filtration, AFS 2013 Annual Conference, Bloomington, MN, May6-9.

·         Polymeric Nanofibers, Methods to Make and Applications in Filtration, AFS 2011 Annual Conference, Louisville, KY, May 9-12.

Research Projects

·         Sustainable Development of Air Filtration in HVAC Systems, Filtration and Separation Asia 2010, combined with The 6th China International Filtration & Separation Conference, Shanghai, China, Nov. 17-19, 2010.

·         Polymeric Submicron and Nanofibers in Filtration Application, Nanofibers for The 3rd Millennium, 2010 Conference, Raleigh, NC, Aug. 30 – Sept. 1, 2010.

·         Delivering Sustainability Promise to HVAC Air Filtration, Part II: Life Cycle Sustainability of Air Filters, ASHRAE2010-85093, Jun. 2010.

·         Energy Use, Life-Cycle Cost and Sustainability of Air Filter, AFS Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, Mar. 22-25, 2010.

·         Advanced Air Filters for Healthy and Sustainable Indoor Environment, Filtration 2009, Chicago, IL, Nov. 17-19, 2009.

·         Delivering Sustainability Promise to HVAC Air Filtration, Part I: Classification of Energy Efficiency for Air Filters, ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 115, LO-09-055, Jun. 2009.

·         Water and Particle Separation — Challenges of “Green” Fuel in Filtration System, SAE 2009-01-0872, April 2009.

·         Discharging and Performance of Electret Filters, AFS 2009 Annual Conference, Bloomington, MN, May 5-7 , 2009.

·         Cabin Air Filtration: An Application of Electret Media, AFS 2009 Topical Conference, Emissions Solutions in Transportation, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct. 5-8, 2009.

·         Implications of Discharging Conditioning on Air Filter Media, International Nonwovens, Technical Conference (INTC), Denver, Colorado, Sept. 21-24.

·         Mechanical or Electret Filters? (awarded as the Best Paper of Filtration Session), International Nonwovens Technical Conference (INTC), Houston, TX, Sept. 8-11, 2008.

·         Antimicrobial Application of  Nonwovens in Filtration, Filtration 2007, Chicago, IL, Nov. 13-15, 2007.

·         Effect of Selected Additives on Surface Energy of Fibers and Meltblown Nonwovens, Textile Research Journal, Vol. 76: Pages 261 – 265, Mar 2006.

·         Preliminary Study on Fiber Splitting of Bicomponent Meltblown Fibers, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 93, Issue 5, Date: 5 September 2004, Pages: 2090-2094.

·         An investigation of fiber splitting of bicomponent meltblown/microfiber nonwovens by water treatment, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 94, Issue 3, Date: 5 November 2004, Pages: 1218-1226.

·         Bicomponent Meltblown Nonwovens and Fiber Splitting, Journal of Industrial Textiles, Jul 2004; Vol. 34: Pages 17 – 26.

·         Development of Innovative Cotton-Surfaced Nonwovens, Journal of Industrial Textiles, Jan 2002; Vol. 31: Pages 179 – 188.

·         Innovative PTT Polymers for Technical Nonwovens, Journal of Industrial Textiles, Jan 2002; Vol. 31: Pages 159 - 178.

·         Development and Characterization of PTT-based Mono and Bi-component Meltblown Nonwovens, Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 83, 1280-1287 (2002).

·         Modeling of Mono- and Bi- Component Fiber Meltblown Process Using Surface Response Methodology, Textile Research Journal, 75(4), 301-308, 2001.

·         Application of neural networks to meltblown process control, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 62, Issue 10, pages 1605–1611, 5 December 1996.

·         Analysis and simulation of non-Newtonian flow in the coat-hanger die of a meltblown process, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 67, Issue 2, pages 193–200, 10 January 1998.

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