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Textile Research Associates (TRA)

About Us

Textile Research Associates (TRA) is a professional organization specializing in advanced research in technical textiles, nonwovens and product development, such as air and liquid filters, household and industrial wipes, and high performance fabrics, etc.We have conducted advanced research in nonwovens and filtration for over 30+ years. Our previous experience includes:

    • Market report and forecasting

    • Technology and new product development

    • Process and product development

      • Meltblowing process design and product development

    • Spunbonding process and product development

      • Submicron technologies

      • Air/liquid filter media development and hybrid technologies

      • Gradient media and cartridges in air/liquid filtration

      • Additive/coating/finishing applications

      • Antimicrobial/flame retardant nonwovens

      • Drylaid, wetlard, meltlaid composites

      • Pool/spa water filtration

      • Meltblown filter cartridges

      • Protective clothing

  • Nonwoven membrane subtrates

  • Polymer spinnability evaluation

  • Meltspun nanofiber technologies

  • Process, product and market development

  • High performance fibers and fabrics

  • Process simulation and optimization

  • New business development to Chinese market