Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is designed to be our central guide in day-to-day decision making. We believe that one of the keys to our success is our constant commitment to objectivity, confidentiality, understanding, and qualifications in our dealings with our customers, employees, collaborators and government regulators.


We know that we are being hired for our independent judgment and objectivity, our technical expertise and skills, and our concentrated attention to the resolution of a problem. We pledge to use these skills in assisting our clients.


We will guard the confidentiality of all our client information. We will not take advantage of inside information for financial or other gain. We will not serve two or more competing clients on sensitive problems without obtaining approval of each client to do so, and only then if it can be done without conflict. We will inform the client of circumstances which might affect our objectivity. Most work is done working under a confidentiality agreement, for our protection as well that of our clients. For our client's confidentiality, we do not publish lists of clients; exceptions are when divulging of the client is necessary for the work and/or at client's request.


Before accepting an assignment, we will confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and to determine the nature of the actions needed to solve it. Preliminary consultations are conducted in confidence, on terms agreed to by all. Understanding what is needed and what work is to be done, and results expected, is crucial to success on any assignment.


We will accept only those assignments we are qualified to perform, and which we feel will provide real benefit to the client. We cannot guarantee results, such as amount of cost reduction, or sales or profit increase, as we have no control on how a client may choose to implement our recommendations. We present our qualifications on the basis of competence on an individualized basis, and develop our recommendations for the practical, "real world" solution of each client's problems.